We’ll Terminate Those Termites at Your Boca Raton, FL Property

We’ll Terminate Those Termites at Your Boca Raton, FL Property

Rely on Armor Pest Protection to eliminate your wood-eating pests in Broward County

Termites are not only gross, they’re also an expensive problem to deal with. Studies have shown that they can cause close to a billion dollars in damages annually to properties owned by U.S. taxpayers. There are two types of termites that can plague your property: drywood and subterranean. Subterranean termites will dig mud tubes to tunnel into your home, whereas drywood termites will nest in the wood they’re infesting. Luckily, we provide services designed to get rid of both.

Don’t hesitate when termites invade your space – call Armor Pest Protection, Inc for termite control services in Boca Raton, FL and Broward County.

We’ll debug your property in a jiffy

We’ll go through your property first to find out which type of termite is infesting your space. We offer this as a one-time service. We’ll then drill and trench under your space if you’ve got subterranean termites living underground. We use a chemical called AG that’s proven to be effective in killing termites. For drywood termites, we do liquid and local treatments. After that, consider your termite troubles history!

When termites are bugging you, you can count on Armor Pest Protection to take care of them. Contact us for reliable termite extermination services in Boca Raton, FL and Broward County, FL.